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 WoW Loses 1.1M Subscribers, Down to 9.1M

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MessageSujet: WoW Loses 1.1M Subscribers, Down to 9.1M   Ven 3 Aoû 2012 - 18:06

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WoW Loses 1.1M Subscribers, Down to 9.1M
Activision Blizzard latest earning call revealed that World of Warcraft lost another 1,100,000 subscribers last quarter, bringing us down to 9.1 million players. Some things they made note of on the call are below.


16.9 million users logged in last month, up from 10 million just 3 months ago.
10 million D3 copies sold, with 1.2 million of those from the Annual Pass. It was the best-selling PC game for the first six months of 2012.
Most of the WoW Subscription losses were from the East.
Losses are from people playing Diablo 3 and leaving for other things to do until the new expansion.
Mists of Pandaria will utilize TV and online ads leading up to the launch.
The China launch Mists of Pandaria will launch as soon as possible, not likely in Q3.
4.7 million people watched the event at MLG for Heart of the Swarm.

Previous Subscription Losses

Q1 2011 - 600,000 subscribers lost
Q2 2011 - 300,000 subscribers lost
Q3 2011 - 800,000 subscribers lost
Q4 2011 - 100,000 subscribers lost.
Q1 2012 - 0 subscribers lost.
Q2 2012 - 1,100,000 subscribers lost.
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WoW Loses 1.1M Subscribers, Down to 9.1M
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