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 Les modifs du 16/12/2010

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MessageSujet: Les modifs du 16/12/2010   Jeu 16 Déc 2010 - 11:10

Bon bon bon.....

Je vous disais hier dans le post des mises a jour de Blizzard du mercredi (hier quoi^^), entre autre chose que :"...A souligner : Obsidium Ore nodes now spawn more frequently in Deepholm...."
Forcément, aujourd´hui, a souligner également que :"...Obisidum Ore now spawns slightly less frequently in Mount Hyjal...."
En somme, Blizzard se touche le bout du gland avec une pincette de se demande encore si prendre les gens pour des cons est amusant ou juste pénible!

Bref, le Ptr a sacrément servi moi je dis Suspect


Many guards who maintain peace by slaughtering PvPers have been properly buffed to match the stats of Furious Hyjal Wardens. Beware!
Players are no longer able to go At War with the Dragonmaw faction.
Trapdoors and transporters should no longer break when hit with area-of-effect abilities.


Druids : Rake will no longer receive twice the benefit from the Feral druid Mastery Razor Claws. Soothe and Wild Mushroom are both correctly benefiting from, and consuming, Predator's Swiftness.
Mages : Ring of Frost does not cause the mage to stand up (interrupting eating/drinking) while it is active.
Priests : Blessed Resilience now increases healing received by 15/30%, up from 5/10%. Focused Will now reduces damage taken by 5/10% and 10/20%, up from 4/8% and 6/12%. Healing done by Glyph of Dispel Magic no longer improperly caps out at a certain health pool range. Holy Concentration's mana regeneration component has been increased from 10/20% to 20/40%. Player-controlled vehicles return an Invalid Target error when attempting to use Leap of Faith on them. Rapture's mana regeneration component has been increased from 1.5/2/2.5 to 2/4/6%.
Shaman : The Mana Tide buff is now applied for each Mana Tide Totem on the ground.
Warriors : Rude Interruption is no longer incorrectly consumed by Execute, Mortal Strike, or Overpower.

Dungeons & Raids

Both the 5- and 20-quest versions of the Dungeon Quests Completed achievements trigger correctly on dungeon quests done.
Baradin Hold : Argaloth now respects the faction that kills him and does not drop trinkets for the opposing faction.
Bastion of Twilight : The doors controlled by the Halfus and Ascendant Council encounters should no longer become stuck after a soft reset.
Blackwing Descent : Arcanotron's Shield should only proc off of player attacks and not things like Searing Totem, pets, etc. Players can no longer engage Nefarian without killing all three sub-bosses first.
Deadmines : Defias Blood Wizards, Defias Shadowguards, and Defias Enforcers summoned during the Vanessa VanCleef encounter no longer award experience.
Halls of Origination : Spatial Anomaly can no longer critically hit. Setesh's movement speed has been decreased. Lost City of the Tol'vir Frenzied Crocolisks should always despawn when Lockmaw resets.
Shadowfang Keep : Troll druids in particular, when shapeshifting into Cat/Bear form, were dealing an extra 5% damage to themselves via Beast Slaying when afflicted by Barion Ashbury's Asphyxiate. This caused them to die instead of being taken down to 1 health. This has been corrected and Asphyxiate now properly ignores damage modifiers.
The Stonecore : Slabhide can no longer be killed while he's in his air phase, and can be properly killed when he's back on the ground. Flame Ascendants are now dropping loot that is appropriate for non-elite creatures.
Stratholme : Eyes of Naxxramas will now spawn a set number of Gargoyles (2).
The Vortex Pinnacle : The "corpse-catching" mechanic now properly teleports players to the entrance platform of the dungeon.


Normal and Heroic versions of the Corrupted Egg Shell were not properly granting mana. This has been corrected.
The Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Insignia of Victory now correctly grants Strength when it procs, rather than Agility.
All of the Bloodthirsty and Vicious Gladiator gloves now have the appropriate glove bonuses for their respective classes.
Players can no longer buy the opposing faction's mounts in Alterac Valley.
Some items improperly shared duplicate stats with other items and have had their stats adjusted, including: Emberstone Staff, Rockslicer, Elekk-Horn Waistguard, Termination Axe, Sorrow's End, Soulsurge Necklace, Corefire Legplates, Blockade's Lost Shield, Sussurating Treads of Shok'sharak, Blazewing's Furious Kilt, Armagedillo's Tail, Book of Origination, Torturer's Mercy, Modgud's Blade, Maldo's Sword Cane, Maldo's Sword Cane (Heroic), Shadowskulk Leggings, Drape of Fiery Dreams, Hood of the Crying Rogue, Spaulders of the Savage Beast, Helm of Fatal Vision, Oath-Bound Gauntlets, Belt of Guardianship, Dorian's Lost Necklace, Don Rodrigo's Fabulous Necklace, Pauldrons of Edward the Odd, Je'Tze's Sparkling Tiara, Heartbound Tome, Arrowsinger Legguards, Thartuk's Inimitable Gauntlets, Terborus's Rotating Bands, Tol'Vir Heriditary Girdle.
Reputation is no longer being granted while wearing the Tabard of the Guardians of Hyjal in normal mode Blackrock Caverns.


Beauty in Blackrock Caverns can now be skinned.
Canopic Jars are no longer poor quality and now show as white (standard) items.
Obisidum Ore now spawns slightly less frequently in Mount Hyjal.
The Blacksmithing Redsteel Shoulders item is now uncommon (green) quality.
The Stormforged Legguards item is now rare (blue) quality.
Progress is now properly tracked for the achievement Tol Barad Saboteur.

Quests & Creatures

Feast of Winter Veil: there is now a quest blob surrounding the area of Growless Cave for the quest "You're a Mean One..."
Deepholm : Pebble is correctly able to be picked back up if he despawns while being escorted from the crumbling depths for the quest "Lost in the Deeps".
Mount Hyjal : Players are now able to enter the portal to the Firelands Hatchery as ghosts after the Aviana Regrowth event has occurred.
Twilight Highlands : Grot Deathblow (Dragonmaw Quartermaster) and Craw MacGraw (Wildhammer Quartermaster) can no longer be killed by members of the opposing faction. "Bring Down the High Shaman" and "Warlord Halthar is Back" are now group quests. The amount of Wildhammer Food Stores required to complete the associated quests has been reduced to 10, down from 15. Please note the quest text will still state that 15 are needed until a client-side patch can be implemented to correct this.
Uldum : Players are no longer able to receive Efficient Excavations before completing the quest "Do the Honors".
Vashj'ir : Players can now ride the Seahorse in Darkbreak and Tenebrous Cavern. The questgiver Fiasco Sizzlegrin is now visible and giving the quest "Crafty Crabs" upon completion of "Waking the Beast". "Crafty Crabs" remain acceptable while players work on the other quests in the associated cave.
Stormwind : Earthworm Mounds for the quest "Diggin' For Worms" should now respawn more quickly.
Sholazar Basin : Bonescythe Ravagers no longer award experience or loot.
Hellfire Peninsula : The quest requirements for the achievement To Hellfire and Back have been lowered for both Horde and Alliance characters. Horde characters need to complete 86 quests and Alliance characters need to complete 76.
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Les modifs du 16/12/2010
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