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 How to ... Faire des sous as a prot pal !

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MessageSujet: How to ... Faire des sous as a prot pal !   Dim 26 Avr 2009 - 14:13

Soloing Karazhan basically boils down to two things: Managing Seal of Light/Wisdom and their judgements, and patience. Most of the time, I keep Seal of Light up and judge Wisdom. When I'm faced with several mobs, I just use SoL/JoL. Their feeble attempts at hitting a level 80 keep mana full.

Almost none of these fights are quick, and some rely on luck. You have to have the patience for it, or you might as well just so solo Ony and the first 3 bosses of AQ20 and go home.

For you gold-seekers out there, a full clear of all but Netherspite and Nightbane will get you about 1k gold.

I brought a few mana pots with me for the REALLY LONG fights like Curator and Shade. Also, bring some Chromatic Resistance flasks and maybe a couple pieces of Fire and Arcane Resistance gear. If you don't have it already, go solo Shattered Halls for the Figurine of the Colossus. That thing is incredibly OP.

My stats, unbuffed, were 29.9k health, 25.4k armor, 25.3% dodge, 18.9% parry, and 18.3% block. I was wearing somewhere in between T7 and T7.5 (my main spec is holy). Anyway, on with the show.

1. Attumen The Huntsman
This fight is cake. His trash his harder than he his. Just stay on Midnight like back in the day, and you'll still do some damage to him. The only thing that makes this fight take a while is the Curse (-50% hit).

2. Moroes
This one is also very easy, despite his original difficulty. Always, ALWAYS, kill Baroness Dorothea Millstipe. Her mana burn, while it may not always hit, will slow you down a LOT. Feel free to kill any of the others, but try to leave Lord Crispin Ference up. He may disarm you, but you still have your shield. The more mobs you have up, the more mana you get back AND the more health you get back with Seal of Light. The SoL heals will counter the Garotte Moroes puts on you.

For those who are really hard up for money, you can offer to sell the formula for Mongoose for a few hundred, since it's dropped 80% of the time for me, and I'm not an enchanter. Just bring them in for Moroes, ML them Mongoose when you give you the money, then send them on their merry.

3. Maiden of Virtue
This one is basically a tank and spank. Her repentance won't affect you since you're on her Holy Ground. Just push your keys harder (literally), as the silence ticks on and off. Feel free to cleanse yourself as needed.

4a. Romulo and Julianne
This one will take at least half an hour if you haven't specced into Improved Hammer of Justice AND Judgements of the Just. You need that 20 second HoJ interrupt, and even then, she can get a heal off while its on cooldown. Just beat Julianne down until Romulo comes out. Cleanse as necessary on Romulo, but be happy when he gets daring. It means more mana. When fighting both of them, just focus on Julianne. If she has more health than Romulo, make sure to interrupt those heals. Romulo will most likely die from HS and HotR, but if he's getting critical and Julianne still has high health, downrank HS and stop using HotR.

4b. Big Bad Wolf
This one's pretty easy, just have be REALLY good at being RRH.

4c. Oz
Again, this one isn't as bad as you think. Just beat the living crap out of Dorothy and Toto, since they're the biggest threats. When the Crone comes out, manage your heals and avoid the tornados.

Leave it to some retarded kid posting in WoW forums about the money you USED to be able to make here. Ghostly Philanthropists no longer drop gold. Might as well just leave and go in the back door again...

5. Curator
This fight is incredibly difficult. I had to focus solely on the flares as soon as they spawned. Hug Curator while you take out the flares, and you're HotR damage will do something to him eventually. This will take you a VERY long time, and that time spend often ends in a wipe.

6. Terestian Illhoof
This one is a little difficult without more fire resist than just your aura. If you still have 1-2 pieces of that old TBC badge fire resist gear, don't be scared to use it. Illhoof won't sacrifice you solo, so don't worry about it. Just focus on Kil'rek, and keep him next to Illhoof. When Kil'rek dies, pop wings and beat the hell out of illhoof. If you're a Blood Elf and you're running low on mana, use Arcane Torrent near a group of imps, and they're melee attacks will instantly fill you all the way up.

7. Shade of Aran
Holy crap. I never killed this guy solo, but I think it could easily be done in Ret gear. I just didn't have the DPS and the mana management for the length of that fight. I brought a 73 shaman with me to heal.

8. Chess
Using the Conjurer/Necrolyte to kite targets around is probably the only method I know to solo chess, and that is based completely on luck. Sometimes they won't even acknowledge your king's presence, sometimes they make a mad dash for him.

9. Netherspite
I didn't try this one, but I hear there is a spot where you can take 2 out of the 3 beams.

10. Prince Melchazzar
This fight is incredibly easy. Just keep Shadow Aura up and SW:P will miss so much it's almost funny. When he dual wields, go all out. You have basically limitless mana at that point. When he axes get a mind of their own, kite him around to keep the axes in front of you for even more mana and lulz.

11. Nightbane
I didn't try this guy. I never finished my quest in TBC to summon him. I'll update when I take care of that and develop a strategy.

So that's it! That's how I make an easy 800-1000g a week AND inflate my e-peen. If you see any inconsistencies, errors, or have anything to add, please feel free to PM me!

Anyway, I was 0/59/12.

5/5 Divine Strength
5/5 Anticipation
5/5 Toughness
3/3 Improved Righteous Fury
1/1 Divine Sacrifice
2/2 Divine Guardian
2/2 Improved Hammer of Justice
3/3 Improved Devotion Aura
1/1 Blessing of Sanctuary
1/5 Reckoning
2/2 Sacred Duty
3/3 One-Hand Weapon Specialization
2/2 Spiritual Attunement (****ing Blizzard)
1/1 Holy Shield
3/3 Ardent Defender
3/3 Redoubt
3/3 Ardent Defender
3/3 Touched by the Light
1/1 Avenger's Shield
2/2 Guarded by the Light
3/3 Shield of the Templar
2/2 Judgments of the Just
1/1 Hammer of the Righteous

5/5 Deflection
1/5 Benediction
1/2 Improved Judgments
3/3 Hearts of the Crusader
2/2 Pursuit of Justice

Source : un site pas tres net ! lol!
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How to ... Faire des sous as a prot pal !
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